Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet cleaning

We follow a multi-step process to professionally clean your carpets.

Pre-Vacuum: Dry soil is removed by a thorough vacuuming. Removing dry soil is one of the most important steps in cleaning. Light Furniture Moving: Our regular pricing includes moving light furniture such as sofas, chairs, bed side tables & coffee-tables and smaller items. Beds, dressers, and heavier pieces are left in place under our regular pricing structure. Let us know ahead of time if you'll require your larger items moved so that we can prepare & price accordingly.

Pre-Spray: Application of an alkaline pre-spray that will suspend the soils from the carpet fibers. We pre-treat the carpet to loosen dirt and oils that vacuum cleaners cannot remove. Dependent on the type of carpeting you have; we'll often use a Teflon-rake to agitate the pre-spray into your carpet fibers.

Clean and Extract: We will steam clean your carpet with our hot-water extraction process. Your carpets will be cleaned down to the backing and will also remove deep down bacteria, pollens, and chemicals.

Rinse and Neutralize: Leftover carpet cleaning solutions can act as a magnet for dirt. That's why we apply a pH-balancing fiber rinse that removes carpet cleaning solution residue right along with deep-down dirt. So all that's left behind is cleaner, softer, more beautiful carpet.

Post-Cleaning Inspection: Our cleaning technician will walk through your home with you to point out the cleaning results to make sure that you are completely thrilled with the job.

Drying Time: Most carpets will be dry to the touch in about 2-8 hours. Drying times depend on the degree of soiling and type of carpet.