Tile & Grout - Deep Cleaning Service

Tile & Grout - Deep Cleaning

We are proud to offer this unique cleaning service. Below we’ll describe many of the steps necessary to make your tile & grout look new again.

Cleaning Process

1. Spray a highly-alkaline or acidic chemical into grout-lines & tiles.
2. Scrub the chemical into grout-lines using a grout brush & allow to set.
3. Steam extract the tile & grout using a special hard surface power-head tool.


Cleaning Agent - Which type of chemicals we select (high-alkaline or acidic) for use in your property depend upon the particular surface being cleaned. This allows for the best possible result while avoiding damage to more sensitive surfaces such as natural stone, marble or granite.


Beyond chemicals & knowledge, our equipment is an essential part of the cleaning process. The high pressure hot water extraction machine & rotating power-head combine to provide a maximum 1600 psi of pressure & 230ºF water temperature with simultaneous extraction